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What if the bearing temperature of motor is too high?
Author: Xin Dexing Motor     Release Time:2019-03-11

What if the bearing temperature of motor is too high?

When the motor is in operation, it is easy to appear that the bearing temperature of the motor parts is too high. At this time, how should we deal with this problem of the motor? The following edition carries on the related knowledge analysis in detail with the user.

Check whether the ventilation system of the motor is smooth, whether the holes of the hood are blocked by dust, whether the ventilation duct is blocked by dust and oil, whether the bush cover is covered by oil, and finally check whether there is friction between the axle and bush by auditory touch method.

Bearing clearance is too small, because the oil flow in the clearance shear friction loss is too large, will also cause bearing heating, at the same time, too small clearance, oil will reduce, not enough time to take away the heat generated by friction, will further improve the bearing temperature rise. However, if the clearance is too large, the dynamic characteristics of the bearing will be changed and the rotor will be unstable.

Therefore, it is necessary to select the verified bearing clearance for different equipment and operating conditions. In addition, the vibration of motor fuselage and poor mechanical alignment can also cause the bearing bush temperature to be too high.

The motor in operation can use compressed air or nitrogen to blow away dust, wipe off the bush cover with oil-washing cloth, and use wooden shovel (width greater than the mesh width of the ventilation network, and pay attention to the wood shovel not touching the wind blade) to scrape off the oil on the ventilation network for temporary treatment, and then clean up thoroughly after shutdown. If it is a mechanical alignment problem, it should be re-aligned so that the motor shaft and the mechanical shaft are on the same central line.

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