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How to choose a suitable brush motor according to the power?
Author: Xin Dexing Motor     Release Time:2019-03-11

How to choose a suitable brush motor according to the power?

The power of the motor is very important for choosing the right motor. Now let's listen to the editor to talk to the user.

Users often see or hear in forums and examples that they don't know how to choose the power of motors. Nowadays, with the increasing demand for electricity in various fields, motor types such as micro-speed motor, DC speed motor, three-phase asynchronous motor and so on have entered more companies.

Xiaobian felt that sometimes, users tend to overlook some basic issues in the selection of these products, such as the choice of motor power size is an important content, because the power mismatch not only causes inefficiency, but also leads to unnecessary energy waste.

1. The choice of motor power should not be too small. Otherwise, if the power support is insufficient, the motor products will be damaged because of the heat of insulation.

2. Excessive power selection of motor will lead to excessive output, which will result in waste of electric energy. If this problem arises, the motor feels that this is a situation that nobody wants to see.

3. When choosing the power of motors, users should try to choose those short-term quotas as as the first choice. The main advantage is that not only the price is lower, but also the quality of small transportation is more convenient.

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