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Basic Meaning of Motor
Author: Xin Dexing Motor     Release Time:2018-12-27

Basic Meaning of Motor

Electronic starter is now commonly referred to as motor, also known as starter. It drives the starter rotor to rotate through the force rotation of the electrified coil in the magnetic field, and the pinion on the rotor drives the engine flywheel to rotate, thus driving the crankshaft to rotate and land. New low-cost spark plug and starter with ceramic core base are innovative parts, which lay the technical foundation for the development of automobiles.

The electronic starter abandons the heavy and dangerous hand crank, which makes driving safer, easier and more convenient, especially by the vast number of new consumers, including women. At that time, Henry Lilan, manager of General Motors Cadillac Branch, immediately sensed the potential of the technology and quickly applied it as a standard configuration to the company's 1912 version of Cadillac, which was also named "Crankless Vehicle". Electronic starter is still recognized as the most influential automotive innovation in the 20th century.

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